Friday, November 18, 2011

Hard bodies

So, my significant other today mentioned a summer trip that involves a nerd convention and than a few days in Vegas. Neither sound that appealing to me, but a mini vacation will never be turned down. I seriously do nothing, so like they say, something is better. So, after I reply by email, super enthusiastically, "yeah, sounds good", he has the nerve to say "We could work out, and then go to the pool in Vegas". K, lets get this straight. I have been working out. Not like or anything extreme, but 3-5 days a week consistently for a few weeks now. Trying to get a head start on the holidays, ya know. No, I haven't lost A TON of weight, but slowly things are getting toner. So the mention of working out, like it is some new idea, and also that I need to, just got under my skin. So today I worked out again. I did work out Monday, and walked Disneyland for 10 hours on Tuesday and didn't even get a churro or frozen banana. Restraint was had! All my self pride was flushed today by one stupid one line email. So I worked out. It was great! Then he has the nerve when I am done, to look at me say "I am going to start jogging". Which to him was purely informative, I'm sure. But after our early exchange, I took it as "I am going to jog, and lose a tons of weight, and look super awesome 7 months from now in Vegas, while you work out 5 days a week until then and will hide under a tunic and floppy hat far from the pool." A little extreme on my part, of course! But what woman doesn't know how to read between the lines.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"I Really Love My..."

So I like most everyone else just love to cruise the interwebs and see what's going on. I usually start on Facebook, move on to Failblog, maybe a few news site, Etsy and also some gossip site. must be the biggest waste of time and space of anything out there. Like seriously they have a "Royals" tab. The worst of the worst is the style section "I Really Love My..." photos. The criteria for this section is that a celeb must LOVE an item an item of clothing or accessory SO much that they wear at least 3 times. 3 TIMES! Like for reals!? I have clothes I hate that I have worn 3 times. This section should be moved to the "Stars Are Just Like Us", because they don't throw clothes away one wearing.